The State Nonmotorized Transportation Committee (SNTC)

Appropriation law instituted the State Bicycle Advisory Committee in the mid 1980's to advise the Commissioner of Transportation and other state officials on issues pertaining to bicycle transportation in Minnesota. Over the ensuing years, it has operated under its own bylaws and with registration by the Secretary of State. In 2008, the committee was put into statute and asked to advise on nonmotorized transportation modes. The committee then became the State Nonmotorized Transportation Committee (SNTC). The committee currently has 15 citizen members and 12 agency members and conducts 5 meetings per year. The executive committee and various short-term issue committees work on specific priority projects. The SNTC and Mn/DOT bike staff work to coordinate work plans and objectives.

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Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota

Based on a foundation of collaboration, our mission is to provide leadership and a unified voice for bicycle education, advocacy and efforts to make Minnesota more bicycle friendly so that more people will ride bicycles more often.

Enjoy attending our education classes or learn to teach Smart Cycling yourself. Participate in our efforts to make Minnesota more bicycle friendly. Help us to strengthen and develop our marketing and promotions. And, enjoy our events with fellow bicycle enthusiasts.

Our vision: Minnesota is a state where bicycling is a safe, easy, fun and cool choice for everyone

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